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The Advantages to
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Klypt Advantages


Add coders to your project to assist in analysis and manage their work.

From assigning content to tracking progress, Klypt allows you to manage your projects with easy and reliability from any browser on any device.

Klypt Media Sources

Media Sources

Drag and Drop uploads (video, audio, images and PDFs) to your analysis queues.

Coming Soon

KLYPT is developing relationships with other media providers to seamlessly support your research needs. More on this soon...

Klypt Workflow Tracking


Track your content analysis and discover trends with dynamic visualization tools.

Whether it is taking a glance at our visual tracking tools or creating your own to watch trends in your research, Klypt is built to provide what you need to start, and grow with your needs, on your timeline.


400,000+ Hrs


Drag and Drop


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Advanced Features

A common hurdle to creating web based codebooks for qualitative, content analysis is writing the code. Klypt has removed this need with our drag and drop codebook creator and question logic wizard. Making a codebook and integrating it into your project has never been faster. Now you can be up and coding within minutes.

  • Drag and drop codebooks
  • Analyst management
  • Upload files, load lists of content links (CSV), or connect with one of our partners for content
Klypt Research Management
Klypt Drag and Drop Codebook


Klypt uses the term "Codebook" for the questionaire you use to analyze your media content. Your codebooks are built by you, managed by you, and edited by you through our drag and drop codebook builder.

From a simple questionaire, to a more advanced, logic based instrument, you have the freedom to tailor your project to fit the analysis.

  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Custom Rules, Actions and Conditions
  • Math operation driven effects
  • Single page & Multi-step codebooks

The Klypt Experience!

Klypt Create a new project

Create a Project Profile

Describe your project and enter other information that will be helpfull to your coders

Klypt Create a codebook

Build a Codebook

Use our drag and drop form creator to build a codesheet. Add rules, custom styling, and submission requirements.

Klypt add media

Add Media

Add our own media files for Klypt to serve or provide links to existing content.

Klypt search your data
Klypt Add coders

Add Coders

Search for your coders by email. Once they are registered with Klypt they are available to you.

Klypt Assign Content

Assign Conent and Manage the Content Analysis

Assign and track the coding of your content. Answer any coding related issues for your coders to ensure timely and accurate work completion.

Klypt View and Export Data

Access/Export Completed Work

View your data, build dynamic charts to visualize your results and export filtered or whole datasets to CSV or MS Excel.




  • Klypt Coder Access
  • Archive Access
  • Project Management
  • Codebook Creation

Call for Details

  • Klypt Coder Access
  • Archive Access
  • Project Management
  • Codebook Creation

Call for Details

  • Klypt Coder Access
  • Archive Access
  • Project Management
  • Codebook Creation

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